The Concept of “Asian Architecture School” in Vadodara

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■The Concept of “Asian Architecture School” in Vadodara


We are launching “Asia Architecture School” in a suburb of Vadodara City in the west of India.  The school is opened every spring, and both domestic and foreign students (about 30 people) gather to join the school. 2016 marks the third anniversary of this school.

The school comprises of the three following views.


1) Practicing “Asian Cultural Sphere”

What is “Asia”? When we think of “Asia”, it does not only mean geographical field, but also a concept of cultural band. When the framework of Asia is considered, we can be conscious of the achievements by Tenshin Kakuzo Okakura in the early 20th century. In his book, The Ideals of the East, there is one suggestive sentence; “Asia is one”. He went around the whole of the Asian area and established many friendships with various intellectuals and activists. He was then able to establish “Asia” area as a community of people-to-people relationships.


2) “School creating school” = Productive group building together = Seeking for primitiveness

Our school will follow the atmospheres of the two schools: “Japan Art School” established by Tenshin Okakura in Japan and “Brahmachary Ashram” established by R.Tagore in the forest of Bengal. They aimed a synthetic humanity and human activity.  Firstly, we have to try to design and arrange environment physically close to ourselves, and design a living community with ourselves in it. The school will be a stage of such experiments.


3) “Groundness” = Reconstructing the natural landscape and history

It has a great meaningfulness for us to start our school in India, where deep relationship between people culture and nature is still in place.  We have to consider how our artificiality can be connected with the nature. In this very process, it is inevitable that we design the details of every materials in our environment.


Kengo Sato


25th March, 2016